Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here We Go Again...

But this time, I'm REALLY going to do it!

I've said at least ten times in my life that I was going to start running, and keep running. About 8 of those 10 times, I actually started the running. And none of those times did I actually KEEP running.

Lack of will-power and motivation was to blame. Lazy? Yes. But since in the last year I've gained 12 pounds (in the form of a gut that makes me look 3 or 4 months pregnant and a much larger rear-end), obesity runs in my family, and I'm most comfortable when my jeans are unbuttoned, I decided it really is time I get in shape.

I posted on my Facebook status about this endeavor and told many friends and co-workers, and most of the replies I got were people saying that 12 pounds isn't that much, that I'm already petite, or that I've always been skinny, and am I crazy? Honestly, its very annoying. For a 5'1" woman who has always hovered around 105, YES, 12 pounds is that much. And since when is not fitting into any of your clothes NOT a good reason to lose weight? And people..."petite" does not mean skinny. It means proportionally small height-wise. That means I could be 200 pounds, short, and be called petite. Thank you to all of my friends who still think I look good...really, I appreciate it.

But when I look in the mirror, I see fat where I did not see it before. I see my stomach actually hanging over the waistline of my pants. I see myself weighing 300 pounds like relatives of mine in twenty years. I see a million reasons to start down the road to being the weight I want to be and being fit and healthy.

Now, the motivation and will-power previously lacking in my life is here at the moment. What if it goes away? I don't know, honestly. I do know that I am being more proactive about that possibility by reading health blogs, visiting Womens Health Magazine's website every day, visiting Runners World's website every day, and Googling whatever I can to keep my interest peaked.

Today was the first day of my actual training regimen. I am following the Beginners Running Guide from Women's Health Magazine. Today was 10 minutes of walking, then 6 minutes of alternating between running and walking...1 minute for each. Then a 4 minute cool-down.

It started off great! I felt empowered with my new running shoes ($22 Adidas from Ross!) and clothes. I felt AWESOME with my iPod playing rock music. I felt slightly worried that I would lose my keys (mental note: buy a lanyard).

After the first minute of running, however, the difficulty level shot sky high. I thought 3 minutes of running would be a breeze...oh boy, was I wrong. My whole body kept seizing up, and then I would realize that my form was really bad and try to correct it. Suddenly, carrying my iPod was a nuisance...and I did drop the keys (luckily, I somehow heard the "clink" of them hitting the cement over the sound of my music). When it was 4 minute walk-time, I was thanking the Lord Jesus.

When I got home, I walked to the kitchen to make a protein shake, only to realize I didn't have any milk. I pondered over the situation for a moment, and decided to walk/run to the gas station nearby to get some. Driving seemed like a stupid idea since I had just walked/ran about 3 times the distance.

Then it hit...OH MY GOSH, it was awful. legs, hips, thighs...itching and burning! What the heck? I have NO IDEA, but it was unbearable. I walked, and it went away. When I started running again, it came back. Could my own body be against me in this goal to better myself?

That doesn't make any sense!

I made it home after questioning myself several times about why I did not just take the car. I've learned my lesson...always have milk.

Tomorrow is walk 8 minutes, alternate walking/running for 12 minutes...4 minute walk. Somehow...I'm still excited about it!

And in case you're interested, here is a map of my walk/run today!