Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deceiving America

I work at a grocery store as a cashier, and I can't help but feel disgusted with the tabloid industry every time a customer comes through my line and is astonished at the latest National Enquirer headline. 99% of the crap thats in those magazines isn't true.

1. Why are people so interested in the misery of celebrities? I can't imagine being so interested in the scandalous lives of someone I've never met, that I'd pay $4 for a magazine that reports fake stories.
2. Why do tabloids feel that they have to deceive people to make a buck? Why not report real, true stories about things that actually make a difference to society?

There is a real problem in America...people are more interested in superficial make-believe "he-said-she-said" stories than in the condition of our people, our country, our environment, politics, our wars, and the rest of the world. This disinterest in matters of importance worries me.

Americans....get your priorities in line, please.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old School

So I recently took all those photos, like I said, so I figured I'd post some of them here to share with whoever reads this, haha.

the first and the last were done my senior year of high school. The one in the middle was done my junior year. As you can see, I'm very attracted to line. I think I am going to try and get back into that style, just to see if I can take it even further.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

79 Days

I'm 79 days away from Paris. 80, if you count the fact that its going to take a whole day to get there, haha. I can't wait...I keep thinking about all the baguettes and brie I will eat while I'm there. Yummmmy.

I got excellent news yesterday, too; the Honors College at USF gave me a $1500 scholarship to help pay for the trip! That will take care of the last payment fees and leave me with $100 to put towards food while I'm there.

In other news, I turned in a huge project today in my class called Real Word. We made presentation portfolios meant to mimic that of a portfolio for job interviews and requests for gallery representation. It was really expensive (about $200) and really time consuming. However, now I have plenty of pretty photos of my work printed in 8x10 and many many more photos of my artwork on my computer. Hurrah.

Here is one now!

Nude model in my Intermediate painting class...finished it a couple weeks ago. Oil on canvas, 24"x36"