Friday, October 10, 2008

Eat Your Words...

A friend of mine told me a story last night about an engineering project he was working on. He and his group were making a machine that will pump water. Unlike the rest of the groups in their class, they didn't have the money they needed to buy expensive parts for their machine, so they decided to use what they had at their disposal.

The professor, upon seeing what they were making, ridiculed them for making something so "unscientific" and accusing them of making no calculations for the project. He said "This isn't the other side of campus where you can just throw things together...." He was, of course, referring to the art department and the works of art that we create.

Well, professor, you think we just "throw things together," eh? Well here is a man, who not only can perform all of the mechanical calculations that you prize so much, but can also do something you probably fail at miserably: create beautiful works of art.

Be inspired by Arthur Ganson!

Ok, thats enough videos...I just can't get enough of them!

This integration of science and art proves that the limitations in the art world are endless. Where exactly are the boundaries? I don't know, and thats why I love it! Combining the organic with with beauty...its amazing!

People, this is fantastic!


  1. What a charming professor.

    It's a wonder that such a learned man can be so ignorant.

  2. Almost anyone can be taught how to crunch numbers.....the same cannot be said of creativity.

    Those videos are totally cool!