Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the Insanity Begins Now....

Sorry that its been so long since I've posted. I've been busy and lazy and forgetful...

The semester at USF is in its 4th week now, and I can tell you that I'm starting to feel the heat. Painting class has been my busiest. Elisabeth Condon (check out her work, its amazing), my professor, has been keeping us working constantly. I wouldn't mind at all if I wasn't finding myself being completely bored with the assignments. So far I have painted the same thing 3 times, but in a different style...and our next assignment is to do it a 4th time. So I will have 4 paintings of zombies. Now, I love zombies, but not that much. There's no meaning in zombies for me except that they're cool. I need to find a way to make zombies relate to my life...I have to make them worth painting somehow.

Not only am I bored with the zombies, I'm bored with our pallette. Its a Venetian pallette from the 16th century. Its 3 pigments: Transparent Red Oxide, Cold Black, and Zinc White. How boring is that? I need COLOR...bright hues, low yellows and greens....something thats not earthy red and blue-black. PLEASE.

Aside from class assignments, I have been wanting to make a painting of a guy I met at Barnes and Noble. When I finish it, I'll post it here and tell you the story.

Drawing class has been excellent. I love drawing. Lately, we've been drawing nude models, and the last two were both men. I do find men to be a bit boring to draw. Sorry, guys, you just don't have the nice shapes that women do. I will say that the first time I drew the nude male, I accidently made him look very well endowed. It was funny and embarassing at the same face turned bright red when he thanked me. =P

Scultpure has been a great experience. I'm still afraid of the miter box saw, but its ok....I don't have to use it, really. Its all big and clunky and I have to put all of my weight into pushing it back. Our first project is due in two weeks. Mine should be very ineresting. All I will tell you for now is that it involves teeth. Many, many teeth. Ugh, its freaking me out.

My class called The Real World (about being an artist in "the real world", go figure) is interesting and boring at the same time. We have tons of work to do...its all due on the last day of class, so I'm supposed to manage my time efficiently. Thats probably the thing I am absolutely the worst at. Good luck to me!

My next post will have some of the sketched I've been doing in my sketch book for drawing class.

Thanks for reading. =)


  1. hmmm...I can see making zombies related to you in a painting. It could definitely work. I'm thinking something to do with your frustration over the idea of the pallette, assignment, etc. Instead of zombies eating brains...maybe thoughts? And I managed to see Elizabeth Condon's work a couple of days ago in the's unbelievably gorgeous. That is the kind of painting, I have always wanted to do. It shocked me that it was oils and acrylics, it flows so much more like watercolor. Anyways, it's just amazing with beautiful colors and so much emotion in it. And I agree with you, I want my girl models! Where are the female models?! And I look forward to seeing your sketchbook you'll have to show it to me in class or something. The sketchbook is frustrating me, I'm just not sure what to do anymore. She told me to draw what I love...but she keeps telling me to draw things differently? I understand exploring styles, but I think technical drawings of plants are pretty boring. I'm all about the emotion in them, not what they "should look like." And plus I was definitely told last time that my stuff was too stiff, which is why I loosened up, which is what I usually do anyways, and now she's telling me to go back to stiff...*confused* Oh well, this is what art school is about, everybody has their own idea of what art is.

  2. Haha, yes...their own ideas, indeed! It can be frustrating, for sure.