Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am feeling SO unmotivated. I have a lot of work to do. I'm not doing it at the moment...obviously. I started to wonder why I felt this way...physically and emotionally exhausted without the desire to create anything what-so-ever. Then I realized the answer...or answers...were very obvious.

I'm physically and emotionally tired because I'm a girl, and you know what happens to us every month. I don't care if this is TMI for some of you. Its annoying.

I'm physically tired because I didn't sleep much last night, and the quality of sleep in general as of late has been less than satisfactory.

I'm emotionally tired and have no desire to create anything because thats all I've been doing for the last 4 weeks of the semester. I realize I'm an art student and thats what I'm supposed to do, but everyone needs a break now and then.

To appease the blogging heavens (I don't know if that is a little blashphemous or not...) I will post a picture of the first painting I finished this semester. The first of the freaking 4 retarded zombie paintings.

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