Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sometimes (meaning most of the time) these days I feel like this whole school thing is such a waste. I'm craving some kind of evidence that it's not.


  1. The terrible part is that when it's over, you'll feel so free and wonderful --- then it hits you: in about a year, you'll want to go back.

    It's really crazy. And just wrong, haha.

    Hang in there!

    P.S. I nominated you for the stylish blogger award!

  2. After finishing my degree this past summer (2010) I now (Jan 2011) have a well-paying job that I would not have been considered for, had I not had a degree backing me. Totally worth it, because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY JOB and I am finally being rewarded for all that pain in the butt studying & selfish feelings for wanting to finish what I started before I was married. I do kind of regret making husband work his butt off up until now, while I went to school and didn't work much. But he is just that awesome and he appreciates my dedication and appreciates that I now have a job where I can contribute financially.

  3. Thanks, guys! Its good to hear from recently graduated friends...I feel like its all still fresh in your minds, so you're not just lecturing me.

    And thank you, Christina!