Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Camera, New Start

I did something irresponsible today: I bought an $800 camera with accessories on credit. I feel mildly guilty, but mostly relieved that I finally have a camera again. This camera isn't only an artistic tool I've been pining for over the last eight months...it represents my new start.

When I was 19, my dad bought me a Rebel XTi. It was beautiful. It was the most technologically advanced thing I'd ever owned aside from a computer, and it allowed me to tell beautiful visual tales of engagements and weddings and zombies and 1980s glamour shots. It came with me to Paris and Venice and to beaches and birthdays. It was my friend.

I sold it in 2010 to help pay for my wedding to Alberto. I had taught him photography, and he had bought a newer camera. We decided to sell mine so that we could have some extra money for the wedding and agreed we could share his. He traded up a few times and when we divorced, he had the Rebel T1i. It was a great camera, and of course, I had to leave it behind when we separated.

For the last eight months, I've been putting off buying a camera because money has been very tight. It's not any less tight now...in fact, it's probably more tight with trips to Chicago on the horizon. I find myself not caring. I've been pinching pennies for a while now, and I did well at it. And what did life decide I needed the money for? Pet surgeries and tick infestations and flat tires and doctors bills. Well, life, I have credit, so screw you.

Irresponsible? You'd better believe it.

Is this camera wonderful and beautiful and just what I wanted? Yes.

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  1. You have to live a little too Sara. Enjoy your camera :-)