Friday, May 29, 2009

Adventure time!!

I leave in 2 days! Tomorrow I'm going back home to spend the day with family, then on Sunday morning they're taking me to the airport! Goodness, I'm so nervous.

My life has always been so mundane and just...unadventurous. Now that I finally have an adventure in front of me, I'm terrified! I've always been the type to love traveling...but the fact that its my first time leaving the country, my parents aren't around to protect me (I know, I'm 21, but you're never too old to have your daddy protect you), and I have NO CLUE what to expect just freaks me out. I don't like not knowing.

But gosh, I'm so excited, too! I'm totally unprepared, but I'm so excited! I can't wait to experience what lies ahead! Don't worry, I'll take a kajillion photos and post them on Facebook. I'll also be updating my blog here now and then, but not too often because I don't want to sit on my computer and miss everything thats going on. =)

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