Saturday, May 16, 2009




I just watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy (I know, I'm a day behind but that's because I don't own a TV and I have to watch it online). I am FLABBERGASTED. Yes...flabbergasted.

One more time....WHAT?!


George?! Dragged under a bus?! I mean, I expected Izzy to biggie...I love her and all, but I expected it. Even if she's not actually dead...whatever. But GEORGE?! He's so sweet and kind, and if I had an older brother, he'd be like him. George is the type of guy who would be my best friend, and so I got rather attached to his character. Why couldn't they just have let him join the army and go? He could have left the show LIVING. But the miserable hospital...?! C'mon! Why do they feel the need to kill off George?! I don't think a TV show has ever made me cry so hard. How ridiculous. I'm absolutely fuming.


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