Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finding a Unique Artistic Style

One of the things I struggle with as an artist is finding a unique artistic style. It's essential to being known and recognized by the art community. Without a recognizable style, an artist simply fades into the background with the tens of thousands of other artists trying to make it. So I've known for several years now that I need to choose and develop a style, but I can't even choose a medium.

I've always loved painting. Paint is unpredictable, fluid (literally and figuratively), and the outcome is a direct result of my imagination and the way my hand manipulates the brush.

But I also love photography. I love the cripsness, the color, the people I photograph. I love the element of theater and whimsy. I love that I can make something completely ridiculous look so real. And I love that people can relate to it because it resembles some form of real life.

So how do I choose a medium? And once I choose a medium, how do I develop a style? The only thing I do know is that my subject matter will always be the human form. There is nothing I enjoy creating more than representations of people and their bodies.

Maybe I could find some way to combine photography and painting.

Also...I'm working on a new website. I'm pleased with it so far except for the whole not having a style thing. It's kind of all over the place.

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