Monday, July 2, 2012

The Next Projects

Hi again! I said in my last post that I'd share my new treasures with you, so here you go!

On Friday, after work, I went to a thrift store in Clearwater. They had tons of furniture to look through! It was a bit overwhelming...I really only got a good scan of everything. In the mess, I found two antique sewing machine tables with sewing machines still inside and an old record player cabinet.

This is the record player cabinet. I'm guessing it's from the late 70s or early 80s, but since I'm new at this, I'm not really sure. The sides are particle board and pretty water damaged. I may just rip them off and replace them with real wood. Those speaker covers are hideous, and will definitely be replaced. The whole thing is going to get a nice painting!

There's the record player! The man in the thrift store said it worked when he got it, but wasn't sure if it does anymore since it's been sitting outside. Once I figure out a safe way to test it, I'll see.

This is the older of the two sewing machine desks. It's in rough shape, but there's no major structural damage. I'll be removing the wood veneer, possibly removing those horrible handles (if they aren't stuck on too tight), sanding, painting, and installing a hidden storage container in the hole where the sewing machine once was. I'm also considering putting the hinges to the left top piece on the back, instead, and mounting a mirror on the inside of it. That way, when you open it, it becomes a vanity!

This is when the sewing machine was still inside. I have since removed it and plan on selling it. It's a 1938 Kenmore! It's so cool...I've considered keeping it, but my husband would kill me.

A closer look!

This is the second desk. I think it will make a great little storage side table or entryway table. A great way to hide keys, phones, wallets, and other door-side gadgets, yes?

Again, before I took the machine out. This is a White, I'm guessing from the 1960s. I couldn't find a list of models or production years for White brand sewing machines. The internet has a few for sale, a bunch of instruction manuals...but no years of manufacture. It's very frustrating! If anyone knows how to figure it out, the model number is down below....

Hopefully I can find a good home for this one, too. It needs some TLC that I'm not qualified to give!

The Kenmore's model number.

The White's model number.

I've already started cleaning them. Wednesday will be sanding day, and this weekend should see some priming done! I'm not exactly sure what to do with the record player cabinet yet. If the record player still works, I don't think I could gut it...I'd have to just make it more awesome.

To recap: the first desk will become a vanity, and the second desk will be great little storage side table or entryway table. I can't wait to get working on them again!

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