Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Recap

The day began with a ten minute snooze after my initial alarm, followed by a reluctant awakening and emergence from my warm covers. After my morning routine, I went to my 9:30am painting class and painted our TA wearing a costume of herself (it was made of felt, I think); it had this strange Muppet-meets-Chainsaw-Massacre look.

I was overcome with joy at discovering that my 2pm Contemporary Issues in Art class was canceled The entire day was mine! My friend Mark gave me a beautiful wood panel with 2 1/2 inch sides to paint on. Its large, though I don't know the actual dimensions. I think its larger than 30" x 40", which is my normal size for in-class paintings. I'm going to use the panel for my Paris exhibition submission (all the students that went to Paris this past summer with the School of Art get a show in late November). I'm going to paint some sort of cityscape...thing.

I spent most of the day at the BCM. Alberto and I went to Publix and bought some pizza rolls, some dessert, and some wart removal liquid. We're going to remove our warts together. I have two on my middle finger...right next to eachother...and they're still under the surface. They hurt and are annoying. So for the next few weeks I'll be burning off layers of skin with acid until they're gone! Hurrah.

I also worked on my movie project. It won't be done tomorrow. Oops.

My armpit is still swollen and painful. I kind of just feel fat on that side.

I decided to stick with my BFA.

I learned I can hold off on the Honors thesis until I do my art thesis a year from now. Excellent.

I talked to my mommy. <3

Alberto and I were drilled about our present status as friends, and that's always fun.

I am drinking cream soda from a glass bottle, and I feel vintage.

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